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About Me.

As you may have noticed, I'm mainly a photographer.

I spent a year in CÉGEP learning photography, before deciding to drop that and instead continuing my photo studies at La Cité Collégiale where I graduated in 2021.

I specialize in way more than taking pictures. I record videos and can edit pretty well. I love working on cars, fixing electronics or building computers, playing video games and cooking.


Like said, cars are a passion to me, especially Subaru's. I enjoy fixing and modifying them. Driving is also one of my biggest passion, I find a soothing and calming feeling when driving, it's entertaining. Automobiles are fascinating and fun to work with.


Video-making and editing is also one of my biggest passion, I also have a huge portfolio of videos I've edited myself. Learned the ropes through the years in After Effects and Premiere, Sony Vegas as well. I know my ways around making a good and catchy footage on the fly.


At last, technology has been in my life since I'm a little boy. I had my first computer when I was 4 years old and from there, I started messing around with them. From phones to computers and everything in between. I know my ways around with tech.


I can't forget the food!

I love taking pictures of restaurant food to remember the great food I've had.

Furthermore, I started cooking a few years ago, at my second job ever. I was afraid of it before, but now I think it's relaxing. I love it, and I also love taking pictures of what I've done.

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